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Pregnancy & PI-BVD Testing


Okie Dokie Cattle Data can do pregnancy testing on goats, sheep, llamas, and buffalo!

Please contact us for current prices.

Okie Dokie Cattle Data is trained by IDEXX laboratories.  Located inside the Verden Veterinary Clinic, we offer PI-BVD testing on cattle, and PREGNANCY testing on cattle, goats, sheep and other ruminants.  Both ELISA tests use the latest technology and are highly accurate.

Cattle who are Persistently Infected with BVD (PI-BVD) often appear normal but can cause severe problems within a herd.  A simple, economical test on an ear notch taken from the animal, can be reassuring for the owner.  To find out more about PI-BVD testing, please click HERE.

Pregnancy testing can be done on blood or serum.  Either method will give a reading of Pregnant or Open as early as 28 days after exposure.  To find out more about Pregnancy testing, please click HERE.  

All lab is run by skilled technicians and every effort is made to have results the same day samples are received.  We feel strongly that Okie Dokie Cattle Data offers testing services that fit into any operation, whether large or small.  Our goal is to provide helpful, accurate, and affordable testing in a timely manner.

Feel free to contact either of us by phone at (405) 453-7321 or by email at verdenvetclinic@gmail.com.  Thank you for checking out our website!

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